Inspire Fitness Dual Station Lat Pull Down/Low Row

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Inspire Fitness Dual Station Lat Pull Down/Low Row


The Inspire Lat Row Dual Station is a dual selectorised, studio-ready premium multi-gym. It guarantees highly effective back training with a focus on completely free movement. The Inspire Lat Row Dual Station impresses with its modern and distinctive design.

Highly effective lat pulldown with free movement

The lat pulldown is one of the most popular exercises in weight training and one of the most effective for the back. The movement is similar to the classic pull-up, but here it is possible to work with far less weight to guarantee perfect exercise execution. The free movement leads to a higher involvement of the supporting muscles and thus to more effective training.

Typical studio rowing on the cable pulley

Another classic exercise is cable rowing. The Inspire Lat/Row Dual Station offers an exercise in which the execution of the movement is 100% in the foreground. Thanks to the fixed legs, deflection is made considerably more difficult, with the guarantee of completely correct effective movement.

Two weight stacks for body-side independent training

Thanks to the two weight blocks, each weighing 50kg muscular imbalances are be avoided. With a multi- gym with only one weight stack, there is always a risk that the stronger side of the body will do the main work, which can lead to imbalances on both sides in the long run.

Stunning design with precise accents

The dynamic design of the dual station immediately catches the eye and impresses with its highly elegant black look. The stylish round tubes give the Dual Lat/Row a sleek aesthetic.

Frame: Heavy-duty round steel

Colour: Matte black, chrome
Finish: Electrostatic powder coat
Weight stacks: 2 x 115lbs (52kg) (230lbs max)
Pulleys: 2 upper and 2 lower
Commercial pads: Double stitched, high grade naugahyde
Bold placards: Simple usage instructions
Optional add-ons: 2 x 5lbs add-on weights (240lbs max), aluminium lat bar
Resistance ratio: 1:1
Muscle groups: Chest, shoulders, biceps
Seat: One pin seat adjustment and comfort leg lock
Warranty: Residential: limited lifetime, Full commercial: limited lifetime frame, 5 years moving parts, 1 year parts
Dimensions (W x L x H): 82 x 171 x 216 cm (32 x 67 x 85 inches)
Weight: 235 kg (517lbs)

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Inspire Fitness Dual Station Lat Pull Down/Low Row

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