Nortel Meridian NTAK09AA DTI/PRI Card

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Nortel Meridian NTAK09AA DTI/PRI Card

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Nortel Meridian DTI/PRI Card – NTAK09AA

This DTI/PRI cards will provide users with PRI or DTI functions on their existing Nortel Systems. The T1 card comes equipped with 24 channels of 64 KB/s connections.


  • T1 Card
  • Provides 24 Channels of T1 Access
  • Supports a T1 or PRI digital connection
  • Provides 64 KB/s Connection
  • Provides a primary rate interface and digital trunk interface capability
  • Can be equipped with two daughterboards: NTAK20 Clock Controller and the NTAK93/NTBK51 D-Channel Handler Interface
  • One Year Warranty


  • Compatible with Meridian Phone Systems and Meridian Option 11 Systems
  • Requires NTAK20 Clock Controller Daughterboard in order to operate

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Nortel Meridian NTAK09AA DTI/PRI Card

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