Remo Crown Percussion Cajon

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Remo Crown Percussion Cajon

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The Crown Percussion® Cajon is designed with the removable Quick Wedge snare system creating a great bass tone with snare separation.

Remo’s Crown Percussion® Cajon takes it back to the traditional fixed face plate construction that seals the drum completely and enables the bass tones to resonate naturally.

The fixed face plate works because of Remo’s new Patent Pending snare system design which forces the snares against the back of the face plate for optimum spring tension.

No need to adjust wires. Removing the Quick Wedge instantly transforms the Flamenco style Crown Percussion Cajon into a traditional Peruvian Cajon, with pure bass tones.

Remo’s Crown Percussion Cajon is excellent for all musical styles in concert, café or church band. 

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Remo Crown Percussion Cajon

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