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6″ x 9″

227 Pages

Written by: Sukey Gross

Published by: Menucha Publishers

Faigy stopped writing, and put her head down, teary-eyed.“That’s the problem, Esti,” she said. “We’re leaving civilizationto go to a midbar!”“But Bubby and Zeidy and Mama and Papa wouldn’t lead usinto a place of danger,” I whispered.When Esti Fisher’s grandmother receives a mysteriousletter, the curious eleven-year-old wonders about thesecret it contains. Why is her close-knit family suddenlypacking up and leaving the busy streets and towering skyscrapersof New York City, and moving to Fords, Kansas, with itsUnderground Railroad tunnels and dark, deserted house? AreEsti and her family the only Jews in far-off Fords? How will theirYiddishkeit survive?Secrets is a colorful, heartwarming adventure by popularauthor Sukey Gross. In this exciting historical tale, she takesreaders on a fascinating journey through American life in the1920s—from the hustle and bustle of the Upper East Side to theslow-paced, stark frontiers of the Midwest. Join Esti as she discoversone incredible secret after another—leading to the one that changes her life forever.

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