Shadow Warrior

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Shadow Warrior



6″ x 9″

448 Pages

Written by: Yonah Sapir

Published by: Tfutza Publications

“Get out of the way or I”ll shoot!” the soldier shouted.

“If you shoot, you’ll lose your doctor’s assistant.”

The soldier remained standing, fire blazing in his eyes. Then, quite suddenly, his expression changed and he gestured toward the two men with him. In unison, the men dropped their guns to the ground.

“Welcome to the Angels of Peace,” the leader said with a smile, in perfect English. “You’re in.”

Why? Why are intelligent people the world over willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of a secret organization called the Angels of Peace?

What kinds of fearsome “entrance tests” are imposed on those seeking to join? And how can it be that an organization espousing fraternity and peace is responsible for the deaths of multitudes worldwide?

Don’t put this book down until you’ve answered all these questions…

Shadow Warrior, the latest thriller in the suspenseful Agent for Hire series.

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Shadow Warrior

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