Vicoustic FlexiScreen Ultra mk2 – Natural Oak

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Vicoustic FlexiScreen Ultra mk2 – Natural Oak

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The Flexi Screen Ultra MKII builds on its highly respected predecessor: the Flexi Screen Ultra. This is one of the best, most efficient mobile acoustic shields for microphones around. 

Market Leader

Built from premium materials, the screen is extremely reliable and durable. A polyurethane skeleton within the interior delivers optimal absorption, while an MDF exterior (boasting anti-scratch melamine) forms a solid barrier. It can be used with a multitude of different microphones; you’ll be able to adjust the screen vertically or horizontally to suit your preferences.   

Highly Versatile 

If you’re looking to record more easily on the move (in untreated spaces), this is the perfect portable option. It will isolate your sound source – whether that’s singing, voice recording, podcasts or capturing an instrument. The sound is absorbed effectively by the inside of the unit, reducing ambience in the process. Any room reflections from the outside are also blocked. 


  • Perfect for singers, voice and instrument recording and podcasts.
  • Built from high-quality materials (polyurethane foam, MDF and melamine).  
  • Dimensions: 385 x 295 x 345 mm 

Vicoustic FlexiScreen Ultra mk2 - Natural Oak