Vossen Balance Weib Towels

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Vossen Balance Weib Towels

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Anyone dealing with sustainability cannot ignore hemp. The plant is considered an excellent alternative to cotton, as it has a very low water requirement and grows quickly. Hemp fibres are particularly long, tear-resistant and hard-wearing. In addition, hemp fibre used in textiles absorbs moisture well, dries quickly, is easy to care for and durable. Another great advantage over pure cotton fabrics – hemp is naturally antibacterial, with a percentage as low as 15%. Our BALANCE collection, made using hemp fibres, is also 100% vegan.

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30 x 30 (cm), 30 x 50 (cm), 50 x 100 (cm), 67 x 140 (cm), 100 x 150 (cm)

Vossen Balance Weib Towels

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