Zart Creature Eyes Pkt of 30

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Zart Creature Eyes Pkt of 30


Creature Eyes excite imagination, spark creativity and engage learning! These striking large eyes will add a fun fantasy touch to creatures, minibeasts, monsters, animals, reptiles, dinosaurs… and zombies! Use in 2D and 3D work. Creature eyes can be added to modelled, Modroc and plaster creations – simply press and model around eye to secure in place. Their lightweight design makes them suitable as a craft, bauble and card embellishment. Use glue to attach eyes to wood, canvas, papier mache or cardboard. These eyes can also be included into decorative mosaics (indoor use only).Each plastic dome shaped eye features a colourful iris and a black pupil, in assorted colours and designs.These round eyes are 24-25mm in diameter.

Pack of 30 pieces.

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Zart Creature Eyes Pkt of 30

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